Things to consider when buying home security systems

It is said that nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love. I totally agree with this notion, but only when I am sitting in front of a marriage counselor. When it comes to the protection of my family and property, I look for reliable security alternatives than TRUE LOVE.

Your decision to get a home security system in our world today where crime and greed are on the increase daily could be that million dollar idea you’ve been waiting for. A report by the FBI security Agency reveals that 2 million homes are burglarized each year in the United States alone, I know this is popular research, but we stated it here just to let you know that many homes are being attacked by burglars, in case you still think yours is impenetrable.

So, if you are still pondering whether to get your home fully automated with a home security system, think it through because your property could be next on a burglar’s list right now, imagine that!. But before you jump in to invest your money in a home surveillance system, there are things you need to know before placing your orders, and here are they.

  • What type of home security system do I need for my property?
  • Which security company provides the best home security systems?
  • Prices and features
  • How do I get to install my home security system?
  • How do I monitor my home security system?
  • Understand the home security system provider’s contract
  • Check your provider’s customer care center

1. What type of home security system do I need: There are many security tech gadgets out there in the market with home automated features. With just a click, you can switch on and off your lights, open doors, control the temperature of your abode and when connected to Alexa or Siri you can with a voice prompt control your home without raising a finger. All this can be achieved with different home security systems.

The choice on which to purchase all depends on what you want to achieve or why you want to get a home security system installed in your home. It could be that as a busy single parent that you want to monitor your baby, while you’re busy with office work, in this case, a baby monitor should be your target. If you want to check the rate of gas leakages in your home or company, then a gas or carbon detector should be your target.

All you need to know before buying home security systems

2. Which security company provides the best home security systems: This is very important market research to carry out. Most of the popularly recommended smart home security providers online may not be available in your country. But if you live in the Us and Canada here are our best picks on security providers.

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3. Prices and features: In as much as many smart home security systems are fairly costly, do not settle for the cheapest. It is said that peace of mind is priceless, so when investing in automated security systems, purchase them for the worth, not for the price. For any home security system you chose, remember to check the features to see if it’s what you want.

All you need to know before buying home security systems

The latest feature that people enjoy with the home alarm system is the remote alarm device. The device is a key chain that allows you to set and disarm your alarm with the simple push of a button. One of the main reasons for false alarms used to be that people forgot their codes or were too slow in disarming the unit. The remote device puts an end to that problem.

Motion sensors can be set up in zones in your home so that you can arm some areas while still being able to move about in others. This is helpful in large homes or in multi-level homes. Besides calling the monitoring center the system also sounds a high decibel alarm. This is designed to scare off burglars and is loud enough to alert your neighbors.

The latest alarm systems can monitor so much more than just security break-ins. The alarms can be optionally set up to monitor possible fire outbreaks. When the sensor detects smoke or fire the monitoring center is immediately alerted. The fire department can be quickly dispatched saving lives and property. The system can also be hooked up to monitor for carbon monoxide in the same way. Having an alarm system is an affordable and easy way to have total security and ensure that you and your family are always safe.

4. How do I get my home security system installed: Are you planning on installing the security system by yourself, or would you rather let a professional do it for you?. Remember that no matter the cost, design, and size of your security device, that the device’s efficiency would be reduced with a poor installation method, that is, if it works at all. You can call a professional to do the installations or, you can call support and have a technician walk you through the process. One of the best parts about DIY installations is that they’re free, so you end up saving on up-front costs.

All you need to know before buying home security systems

5. How do I monitor my security system: There are three methods of monitoring your security system, you can choose the landline, broadband(internet) or cellular method(through an App). Whatever method you choose, note that there are charges to them. For about $15 to $50 per month, central-system monitoring will notify the alarm company of emergencies. And the company can then notify the police or the fire department.

If you choose to do the monitoring yourself or have someone else do it, then you may not need to pay for monitoring. It’s always advisable to pay upfront for a system rather than getting it ‘free’ and having huge costs built into the monthly monitoring.

All you need to know before buying home security systems

6. Understand the home security provider’s contract: Take your time to read and understand your security provider’s T&Cs before you go on to sign on a tablet or smartphone, where the terms and conditions are in tiny type and you sign with either your finger or a stylus. They know nobody wants to read their lengthy contract, but do familiarize yourself with conditions of contract termination.

All you need to know before buying home security systems

7. Check your provider’s customer support: The last thing you need to do is to check other customers reviews on the internet and see what they say about the customer service of your provider. Having a smart home security system is usually a long-term investment, so you don’t want to deal with unresponsive and nonchalant customer service personnel.

All you need to know before buying home security systems