Top 7 features of a spy camera

As little kids, we all enjoyed watching spy movies probably because of the cool spy gears we see them use. spy cameras are not just easy and fun to use but they are perfect lifesavers and has been used to detect and solve millions of crimes all over the world.

When shopping for spy cameras do not buy a spy digital camera just because it looks awesome (because most of them are) or maybe a friend recommended it, but because it will serve your needs.

Do you want to use the spy camera to observe wildlife, for crime investigation, or just for home security use? it all depends on individual needs. But what are the features of spy gears especially spy cameras that make them a cool gadget to use?

1. Dual functionality: Many spy cams are designed to carry out double functions so as to disguise its original function as a camera. For example, a pen spy cam serves as a writing tool as well as a spy cam. So when buying a spy cam, go for the design that will better disguise the camera feature, so that your target won’t get suspicious.

2. Motion detector: Spycams with a motion detector feature has the ability to start video recording whenever it detects motion within its parameters, getting a spy cam that has a wide range of coverage and a better angle of rotation of about 180-360 degrees would enhance the security of your property.

3. Removable or Built-In Memory: Some spy cams come with an in-built memory, while others would need a removable sd card in order to store your feed. The memory space of your spy cam matters, because you wouldn’t want to miss that a minute crucial moment that would have been a piece of evidence that a crime took place. Few spycams can automatically overwrite old files so you wouldn’t miss a minute.

4. Waterproof: For people who work outdoors under different weather conditions observing wildlife would want to consider spycams that’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

5. Night vision: It would be a bonus to you if your spycam can see in the dark, especially when you want to use them outdoors as a wildlife expert. Spycams are supposed to keep surveillance 24/7 around the clock, so the night vision feature is a very important feature to look out for as many spooky and criminal activities are usually carried out at night, in the dark.

6. Automatic time schedule: This feature could be helpful especially if you want to keep a record of a particular place at a particular given time of the day. Let’s take it that as a reporter that you want to keep a record of a crime that takes place within a given period of time daily, the automatic time schedule feature would help record feed exactly at that time even when no motion is detected.

7. Automatic image capture: Also, you also be able to set your spy camera to take pictures at timed intervals. The pictures should bear time and date stamp.

With these features, you will be able to catch thieves and other criminal elements in the act of breaking into your home. And as the time and date are clearly indicated in the pictures, you will have an easier time claiming for insurance!

Do remember to ask for your spy camera accessories, like the remote controls, video cables, and power adapters when shopping for spycams, these accessories enhance the functionality of your spy camera.