Stealth Handgun Safe

Avoid placing your weapons where the third party can easily access it. Forget about keeping your weapons in the drawer, under the bed, in pillowcases, and in some food can, burglars would check these places first, and these days kids know exactly where to find them. Keep your handguns in this safe and easy to access stealth solid safe, you can fix the safe by your bed for a quick reach and nobody would mess with your dangerous toys!

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• You really don’t need the lights on to access your stealth safe, it has an interior light
• Unlike others, the stealth safe’s door doesn’t slam when you open it, that’s cool, right?
• The safe seems to be built pretty solid, at least for what I’d expect when going for something this inexpensive.
• The 1st button on the keypad has a dimple on it so you can easily identify the first button in the dark
• When you press the access key, each button has a blue light ring around it that lights up.
• The barrel pegs on coated with a foam-like material (more dense/rigid than foam) that seems like it’ll be okay on the insides of your barrel
• There are 5 holes on the bottom that can be used to bolt the safe down to something, to prevent theft.
• It comes with a steel which can be used to keep the same from walking off.
• The interior is padded with a thin foam material, so it should keep your firearms safe from scratching or making noise on removal
• It has an optional silent mode feature.
• It can easily hold 5 handguns

• Do not type in the key code too fast, because the button lock delays
• The 9volts battery that powers it doesn’t last long