Smart Personal ATM Cash Machine

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Do you want to know why you should have this personal ATM cash machine in your home?

Have you ever wondered why our schools don’t teach little kids about the importance of saving money? then wonder no more cos our schools need to sell their books and increase tuition fees.

It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids to start saving their allowance money at an early age to avoid financial crisis in future years, and the only way to this is to make saving fun and interesting.

With the personal ATM cash machine in your home, your kids would rather go hungry than to spend their lunch money just to get a feel of depositing cash in their personal ATM bank machine.

Adults can also save the time and stress of visiting a bank ATM cash machine by depositing their extra bucks here.


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  • The personal ATM cash machine can be accessed using a personalized credit card, or with a secret 4-digit code
  • It has an alarm system which notifies users of possible burglar attempt
  • The ATM savings machine accepts both coins and bills deposit which it immediately adds to your balance
  • The machine automatically notifies you when your saving target is reached
  • With an alarm, clock and calendar feature to help in record keeping
  • Comes with a personalized ATM card


  • No power function. Therefore you need to remove the batteries when the machine is not in use
  • Free deposit and withdrawal time. Which implies that you can cash out all of your savings anytime
  • The current version only recognizes pound and dollar bills