Intelligent Glass Door Fingerprint Lock

$293.78 $159.99

Marketing experts advise all entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized business owners, to invest heavily in security, in order to avoid potential risks as they are usually the most targeted.

But with intelligent glass door locks, you wouldn’t need to hire security guards and watchdogs to stand guard at every door and window of your business area or apartment, I mean, who’s gonna pay them all?. Just get the smart door lock, install it, register your fingerprint(with that of 99 others), IC card or input a password, and not even an ant can gain access without your authorization, besides you can schedule when the door is to be unlocked and when it should stay locked. Peace of mind is truly priceless.

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  • Let’s you give access to multiple users specifically at a time chosen by you.
  • It has a two-way power supply: Battery powered and emergency USB charging port
  • Security system stays lock for three minutes for every continuous 5 wrong password entry
  • Alerts you when the battery needs to be charged
  • It is waterproof
  • Let’s you unlock and lock manually, with your fingerprints, an IC card, and password digits
  • Very easy to install and set up
  • With an alarm system and 1o,000 most recent operation records
  • With an adjustable voice guide volume. To enhance security
  • Really keyless


  • Password and fingerprint access of other users must be entered manually, which implies that all of them must be present to perform the initiation rite on the device.