Keyless Smart Door Locks- Bluetooth

Do not be left out on the latest smart door locks, with the Zktecho Bluetooth fingerprint smart door lock your front door is totally burglary-proofed(impenetrable). Step up the game with this amazing one touch to open enabled door lock. The lock automatically connects and unlocks when a user presses the lock icon.

As easy as that, you don’t need to carry your door keys jingling it around like a security guard anymore. And there are no keyholes for burglars to pick.

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Pros: This biometric fingerprint door lock comes with a three-way lock/unlock system, Bluetooth, fingerprint, and keylock. Just in case you want to surprise your friends, with the Zkbio BT app installed on your smartphone you can comfortably lock and unlock your door with just a click, or you can make use of the fingerprint feature which allows up to 100 fingerprints enrolls and will identify users in just 0.5-2 seconds.

This product also enables you to keep track of visitors with a detailed data on who entered and exited your home and why they did, all on your smartphone.

The lock handle is designed to be reversible so that it can be set up to be left-hander or right-hander friendly.


  • You really need to be a tech-savvy for you to understand the manual, in other words, the set up is very complicated. But you can always hire some tech savvy to install it for you.
  • It is a little bit pricey (like am going to pay for it)
  • It is burglary-proof but not waterproof