5-digit Resettable Combination Bike lock

Do you know that bikes are stolen more than cars, and don’t tell me you’re still locking your bike with the regular bike locks? never do that again, you’re smarter than carrying your bike lock keys around.

You either pay me to watch your bike, or you upgrade to the latest 5-digit bike lock cable, common! you need to concentrate on your lectures and stop looking out the window to check on your bike all the time.

Highly recommended for college and high school students.

ADVICE: Do NOT leave your precious bike unlocked or locked with one lock. Remember peace of mind is priceless.

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  • It has a resettable 5-digit password lock with 100,000 possible combinations
  • Anti-rust and cut resistant cable
  • Easy and convenient to transport
  • Flexible enough to go round bikes, gates, Ladders, lawnmowers, skateboards, e.t.c.
  • With a free mounting bike bracket
  • No need for keys
  • Self-coiling for a compact and neat look
  • With a Led light for night mode
  • Wheather resistance cable
  • Lightweight


  • The cable is so tight that young kids might find it difficult to stretch
  • Can’t really withstand heavy duty cutting tools