August Smart Door Lock

It is always said that to be safe is better than to be sorry. Your home needs the best security system, and this is the best smart door lock that can guaranty no one messes with your lovely abode.

With the ability to lock and unlock your door through a Bluetooth enabled smartphone you can control and monitor your door from anywhere. As it is very compatible with Alexa and Google Assistance you can also lock and unlock your door with a voice command.

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  • Smart door sense notifies you when the door is not properly closed
  • Locks automatically within a given time frame
  • Works perfectly with Alexa for better security(especially to enable voice control)
  • Keep track of intruders from your phone
  • There are no codes and surely no keys
  • With multi-user function
  • No Keys needed, but can be attached to deadbolts for key access
  • Easy installation, usually takes 10-15 minutes to finish
  • Locks automatically behind you and unlocks automatically as you approach
  • With both Bluetooth and wi-fi connection feature


  • Not compatible with some deadbolts
  • Battery life of 3months is not so cool
  • You can only rely on the deadbolt for any manual or physical security.