Honeywell Wireless Doorbell

With this, you’re going to miss the knock-knock joke, you would rather tell a quality Ding dong joke at a very affordable price.

Never miss a visitor’s arrival again, with the wireless Honeywell doorbell you can have your chime 250ft away from the push button anywhere around the house and you can also easily connect one chime to many push buttons installed at different locations around your house.

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  • Has three Unique chime tunes with adjustable volumes
  • It is wireless, so you can take it wherever you want to and it operates on 3 LR6 AA alkaline batteries
  • Sounds loud enough for you to hear it ringing from anywhere in the house
  • Very easy to set up and comes with a surface-mount push button
  • Comes with a feature to link your chime to motion detectors for an increased security
  • Works with up to three pre-programmed push buttons
  • You can connect many push buttons located at different entrances to one chime which tells you which door you visitor is at
  • With a 250ft operating range, you can place the chime anywhere around your house
  • It is weatherproof
  • With a self-learning coded system that adjusts to hinder interference with other devices


  • Limited number of chimes to choose from except if  you’re okay with the classic ‘Ding Dong’