Smart Bluetooth Leather Wallet

$26.80 $17.92

Are you prone to losing your wallet all the time? never worry, animal skin just got smarter!. with the anti-theft alarm system and tracking device on the wallet, you can locate your wallet wherever you left it and can also take pictures with the wallet.

What! you’re prone to losing your phone too? never bother, the smart wallet got you covered too, you only need to press the logo button on the wallet twice and the location of your phone will be ‘magically’ revealed to you. This is the best gift idea ever!

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  • High-quality durable leather
  • The Bluetooth function notifies you when your wallet is out of range
  • Enables you to record and take pictures with your wallet when connected to your phone
  • It is chargeable
  • Alarm system helps you locate your lost phone or wallet
  • The tracking system can be operated manually and automatically
  • Slim design
  • With a remote-controlled self-timer
  • When fully charged it can keep you running for more than 3 weeks


  • A faulty app which connects your phone to your wallet