NFC Magic Smart Finger Ring

With this NFC(Near field communication) smart finger ring on, you can set it through an app to unlock and lock your smart doors and mobile phones, store volumes of personal files and messages, store contact details, access websites or applications without passwords and make payments. All you need to do is

  1. Get the ring
  2. Install the app(NFC tools recommended)
  3. Enable the NFC function on your mobile device or PC(located in your network settings)
  4. Scan the two-dimensional code of the app
  5. Enjoy all the functions of the NFC ring

Note: Remember to tap the ring at the back of your phone to copy files.

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  • Non-rechargeable(no battery) works with the NFC tech
  • Grants quick access to data in case of emergency
  • Beautiful design
  • Anti-rust body
  • IP68 water resistance level
  • No power switch
  • Compatible with all Andriod and WP mobile phones with NFC function


  • No screen display
  • Does not support direct copy of data from a device, the data must be written by an authorized party before you copy it to the smart ring.