Global Real Time GPS Tracker

Keep track of whoever or whatever you want to, be it your newly purchased car, bike, truck, or that you own a taxi company, whatever property you own, there is need to always stay connected to them whenever and wherever you are in order to ensure their safety. Have your eyes on them 24/7 with accurate reports with this easy to use Global GSM, GPS, and GPRS tracker. Be wherever your properties are.


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  • Worldwide usage
  • It is water resistance
  • Uses sim card to track, Therefore internet connection is not always required
  • Compatible with multiple types of vehicles
  • Tracks your location in real time
  • Saves history of your location with date and time.
  • Tracks through an app using Google link
  • Working voltage 6-80 volts(Okay for cars)
  • Simple to install
  • Sends SMS alarm to your mobile when the power source is disconnected(car or bike battery) and when the ignition is started(enable this function by connecting the orange wire)
  • You get daily drivers report, like how many km your vehicle traveled a day and what route it took
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Battery lasts 1-4 hours when the power source is disconnected
  • With a shock, over speed, geo-fencing, and low battery alarm


  • Real-time tracking requires an internet connection
  • With 6-80 volts working voltage your bike’s battery can be used up quickly
  • With plastic body