Best home security and safety tips when you are on vacation



Best home security and safety tips when you are on vacation
Best home security and safety tips when you are on a vacation

Has it ever occurred to you that someone out there is not happy that you have more than they do? and they are always waiting for the slightest opportunity to add what you have to theirs.

Call it poverty, greed, sadism, theft, whatever. The point is that they found your home vulnerable, so they attacked. Although sometimes we hear cases of mean burglars who invade homes with brutal force, surmounting all security measures. This is why it is very important to invest more in security than in decors.

Ensuring the safety of your home goes far beyond just locking the windows and the doors, unplugging electrical appliances and closing the blinds. Though all these are good security measures but, not the best. A burglar who knows of the valuables inside your home would break open the doors, plug back the appliances, open the blinds and even the windows for want of fresh air.

Here, we are going to provide you with amazing tips that would ensure that your home is both burglar proofed and hazard safe, while you enjoy your trip or vacation with your family. Now, let’s proceed with caution ­čÖé


1. Employ someone to take care of your property: What more can you ask for. This is the best security idea that should first come to your mind (That is if you can shoulder the cost) whenever you are leaving your home for vacation. Sometimes not all our trips are planned, it could be an emergency trip that may leave you with less than an hour to get your things ready.

You may do the usual, only to remember when you must have reached your destination that the garage door was left unlocked, and at that nobody to water the flowers or feed Periwinkle the cat. But when you employ someone to take care of your home while you’re away, every other worry of yours would be taken care of. Here are other safety measures to practice in case you are not comfortable┬áwith employing some stranger to ensure the safety of your home and property.

2. Invest in home security systems: With the help of security systems like a smoke detector, gas leakage detector, programmable light switches CCTV camera, and an alarm system you can at least put your mind at ease and trust in their efficiency. Install security cameras that would give you a screen to monitor your home on your smartphone from anywhere around the globe.

You can also save yourself the stress of monitoring your home daily by connecting your home security systems directly to monitoring service (This service is not for free) companies who would alert the concerned authority on your behalf in case of a security breach or hazard.

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3. Suspend your mails and newspaper subscriptions: Packages left lying outside your door for days is a sure sign that you’re not at home. You can ask a friend to pick up your mails and packages, or for privacy’s sake, you can ask your post office not to send any┬ápackage to your doorstep, until you return.

4. Keep dogs around: Many home invaders would think twice if they approach a home with fierce looking dogs standing guard. In case you don’t keep dogs, find people who hire their dogs out for security purposes.

Dogs fro home protection

If dogs are not allowed in your locality, you can get a fake dog bark alarm system with motion sensors which will be triggered when the intruder gets closer.

Security tips to take when you are on a vacation
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But a fake dog bark alarm is not recommended where it won’t attract neighbors’ attention, because if an invader notices that the dog bark is coming from a white plastic device, they would be encouraged to intrude and plunder.

5. Get security signs:┬áSecurity signs and symbols are great ways to communicate to anyone with the intention of invading your home that they shouldn’t dare it or risk being caught. Place the security signs where everyone could see how prepared you are to have someone jailed or shot ­čÖé


Best home security and safety tips when you are on vacation
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6. Keep your valuables out of sight: People do steal silver cutlery even in the midst of a party. Do not display your valuables as if they are for sale and expect not to attract the attention of buyers(burglars in this case). Hide your valuables and give out foodstuffs if you won’t be needing them soon.

7. Check all door Locks: Remember that particular door you often use to practice kung fu, the one that makes you sweat before you lock or unlock it. It is faulty you should change it, and also upgrade to the latest smart door locks and deadbolts. If you don’t want to make your home an easy prey, invest in strong metal or hard wooden doors, you the type that can’t be embarrassed by a single kick.

8. Check your security system’s power source: If your security system like the doorbell is powered by a battery, do remember to replace the battery. If you are faced with constant electric power challenge in your locality, look for power supply alternatives, like cell batteries or utilize the solar energy.

9. Shh!, don’t tell anyone: Burglars are waiting for you to announce your departure on social media so that they decide their arrival. To avoid this, ensure that your social location sharing settings are set to private.


1. Turn off the main water valve: You don’t want to get an emergency call just about the moment you want to jump into the beach that your house is flooded. Shutting off the main water valve will prevent any plumbing related issue from happening.

2. Control the water heater: It is best that when leaving home for a vacation that you completely switch off the water heater since no one is going to need the hot water. If you won’t turn off the main water valve, then you can set your water heater to ‘vacation mode’ (if it has that feature).

3. Unplug non-essential electric appliances: Unplugging electrical appliances that wouldn’t be needed protects your home in case of a power surge and also saves energy.

4. Keep your home clean: Put away leftover foodstuffs and food particles away from your home, so that rats, squirrel, and ants won’t have a tangible reason to visit your wardrobe or bookshelf while you’re away.

5. Put your valuables in a fireproof safe: Nobody wishes for a fire outbreak, but to be on a safe side, put all your valuables and life works in a fireproof safe. Before you neglect this safety advice, remember that your smoke addict neighbor might just for once decide to put his cigarette around your property and forget to put it out.

If you’re planning on a vacation soon you can get started immediately with the above security and safety tips from or you can go with the first security tip, by employing someone to inspect, maintain and ensure the safety of your beloved home.